Karietų nuoma, žirgų transportavimo paslaugos, poilsio su žirgais organizavimas, jojimo pamokos, vadeliojimo mokymai


An individual enterprise "Skiedrinė" is a private legal entity having unlimited civil liability , operating since 1998. As the entity is a small family enterprise the staff is a family members. The enterprise hire specialist for particular activities.  The scope of activities is wide-ranging. The enterprise started from nurturance of Lithuanian traditional handicrafts such as roof sheeting with wood shingles (therefore the name of the enterprise is "A Shingle"). The activities also include horseback riding school, organization of summer camps for children and youth, organization of leisure activities with horses. A new subdivision "Bardauskų žirgai" (Horses of Bardauskai) was established to expand equine activities working with youth.