Karietų nuoma, žirgų transportavimo paslaugos, poilsio su žirgais organizavimas, jojimo pamokos, vadeliojimo mokymai


Main services: carriages for rent, transportation of horses, recreation with horses, horseback riding lessons, carriage driving lessons. 19059324_10156150484179338_3258007788460035726_n-1 We are offering carriages for a wide range of events from weddings & prom to corporate events, advertising / promotions , anniversaries, birthdays, holiday events, private rides, and special occasions. We are offering 3 types of carriages: A flash antiquarian carriage suitable for a short drive on a road with a solid and smooth surface (4 seats). IMG_20160723_172345 A sport carriage for driving in a countryside, forest and fields (roads with a loose and rough surface) for those who like adrenaline. But also this carriage is suitable for driving in towns (6 seats). sportine karieta 1 A pleasure carriage for a long drive on roads with a smooth surface (4 or 2 seats) . Our carriage service is available for any event in any place of Lithuania.