Karietų nuoma, žirgų transportavimo paslaugos, poilsio su žirgais organizavimas, jojimo pamokos, vadeliojimo mokymai


The enterprise Skiedrinė has a long experience in organizing summer camps for children and youth (age 10-16) where participants were taught traditional handicrafts and horseback riding. The goal was not only to develop some special skills but also to teach participants to communicate effectively and work together as part of a team. 100b0230100_0224100_0154100_0153100_0141100_0143100_0128100_0115 The Skiedrinė also used to organize horseback riding trips from 2 to 7+ days for young people, offering the chance to discover Lithuania on horseback - the best way to explore and truly get to know the different regions, that are so diverse and offer so much history, culture and nature. The goal was to develop greater understanding and responsiveness of young people to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity. dscn5473dscn5477